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ArtiSands Sand Painting Art Kit - Geometrics I

  • 1695

Painting with sand is as easy. 1st., Peel off one pre-cut strip to expose adhesive. 2nd., Pour your favorite color of sand onto adhesive. 3rd., Pat sand to cover exposed adhesive area. 4th., Tap off excess sand into No Mess Craft Tray. Repeat steps 1-4 to finish sand painting. The Geometrics I Kit contains 6 original geometric designs: Small Triangle, Composite, Star, Circles, Snowflake, and Large Triangles. Basic geometric patterns are simple enough for the beginner – but with a little creativity they can become extravagant designs! For ages 5 years old and up.

  • Includes 6 5x7 Peel and Stick Sand Designs
  • Includes 10 Colors of Non-Toxic Colorfast Sand
  • Includes 1 "No Mess" Tray and Detailing Pick
  • Paint with sand! Great project parent and child can do together

  • Made in the USA 

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