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SentoSphere Aquarellum Junior - Parrots

  • 1998

This easy to use art set features a distinct and unique method to ensure your young artisan paints and creates amazing animal masks! Transform your child into a roaring lion or a majestic elephant with this create your own kit! Each mask encourages children to paint with confidence because they feature a technique that only allows paint to absorb in the embossed character design. The 9 vibrant water color inks allow kids to explore the world of mixing colors and the color guide included will help them mix beautiful paint for their art! These masks are a great idea for birthday parties or just a weekend of arts and craft with the family.

  • This kit enables children to paint 6 animal masks with pre-embossed patterns to facilitate the application of color using quick-dry inks
  • Each embossed canvas measures 9.8" x 8.7"
  • Includes 9 water color inks for maximum creativity
  • With Sentosphere Aquarellum, even beginner artists can create beautifully detailed art!
  • For ages 7 years and older

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