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Clockwork Dreams Automata Kit - Circus Series - Moving Mechanical Wood Machine Kit (The Clowns)

  • 4999

Whimsical and artistic Clockwork Dreams automata toys are designed by master artists and feature intricate moving parts turned by a hand crank. Automata are mini-machines that use cams, gears, ratchets and cranks to make the toy move. Once assembled, turn the crank, and the models come to life. These fun wood kits are made from sustainable wood and are assembled without tools or glue. CNC cut for high precision and quality, these toys are a great joy to put together. For ages 12 years old and up.

  • Discover the magic of this full-motion, mechanical Clowns Kit, part of the Circus Series
  • 3D working puzzle kit made from precision-cut, sustainable wood and is assembled without tools or glue - illustrated, clear instructions included
  • Once assembled, turn the crank and the cams, gears and ratchets make the toy come to life
  • Whimsical and artistic automata toys are designed by master artists
  • For ages 12 years old and up

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