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Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty - 3 Pack Bundle - Strange Attractor, Liquid Glass & Krypton Glow-In-The Dark

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This is an amazing set of 3 Great Tins from Crazy Aaron. It is ideal for party gifts, special needs, holiday gifts, schools & so much more! Strange Attractor with Magnet is Deep black with subtle green sparkles, this newly updated Thinking Putty is softer and more fun than before and has a mind of its own. Near a powerful magnet it comes alive! Strong enough to defy gravity, it can even lift tacks and paperclips on its own after charging in a magnetic field. You'll be mesmerized by the invisible forces at play. Krypton Thinking Putty defines eerie, outer-space, alien, radioactive green! Charge it with sunlight for fantastic brightness! Wake up before sunrise to see it glowing hours later! For our most hard-core fans, we created Liquid Glass Thinking Putty. So clear you'll think the can is empty! Really!! Crystal Clear Liquid Glass Thinking Putty develops a cloudy appearance when played with that quickly fades back to crystal clarity once you put it down. Unlike our other Thinking Putties, it will flow completely into a puddle on its own. Very different, unique and fun! Great for embedding objects like coins, action figures, and more! *Liquid Glass can leave marks on paper, so we recommend playing with it and then leaving it in its tin to settle. This bouncing, stretching phenomenon can be squeezed, kneaded, snapped, stretched, and popped. Made in the USA.

  • Set of 3 Different 3.2 Ounce Tins of Super Magnetic Strange Attractor, Krypton Glow in the Dark & Liquid Glass!
  • Strange Attractor contains a magnet, so this set is recommended for 8 years and older
  • Made in the USA of non-toxic silicone, never dries out & is easily removed from solid surfaces
  • Liquid Glass flows into a puddle. It should be in its tin when not in use. It is more likely to stain fabrics.
  • Gluten free, latex free and amazing for special needs, gifts & much more!

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