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Educa Sunrise in Katsura River, Japan

  • 1898

Educa Puzzles are known around the world for their quality standards, using green & blue boards which create exact piece fits and greatly reduces puzzle dust.  

The origins of Educa date back to 1894, when Boras Plana S.A. was founded.  Educa is a leading brand setting the standard in Jigsaw Puzzles; their puzzles are manufactured in their own facilities in Sant Quirze del Valles, Barcelona and they undergo strict security and quality controls and use top quality, renewable and environmentally friendly raw materials.

  • Perfectly fitted pieces
  • Theme: Japan, Lakes / Rivers / Streams, Landscape, Travel
  • 1,000 piece puzzle manufactured in Spain with high quality materials
  • Approximate size of the assembled puzzle: 68cm x 48cm

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