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Fascinations Electric Jellyfish Mood Light - Color Changing

Fascinations Electric Jellyfish Mood Light - Color Changing

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Fascinations Electric Jellyfish Mood Light (new round design) is a beautiful, color-changing, moving piece of art! Fascinations creates the perfect soothing ambience: beautiful life-like Jellyfish. Realistic, tranquil motion - great for home or office. Intriguing conversation piece features 2 realistic jellyfish illuminated with 18 LEDs for good visibility. Auto-shutoff, instructions and low voltage adapter included.

  • Bring the aquarium to your home or office with the Electric Jellyfish Mood Light. Contains 2 color-changing, flourescent Jellyfish.and all the peaceful relaxation of watching elegant sea life in the aquarium in a beautiful home decor piece.
  • Jellyfish are some of the most majestic creatures in the world, so Fascinations wanted to portray them in all their delicate splendor. Modeled to be as lifelike as possible in both appearance and movement for complete accuracy.
  • The Electric Jellyfish Mood Light contains 18 LED lights for complete illumination of the jellyfish. Select your ideal light setting and allow the jellyfish to gracefully to provide you with perfect ambiance and atmosphere wherever you choose.
  • Fascinations does an excellent job in providing you with the most peaceful product they can. The Jellyfish Mood Light operates without any bothersome motor or movement sounds, creating the ultimate relaxing decoration in your home or office.
  • Instructions and low voltage adapter included. This is not a toy - it is a museum-quality luminary.

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