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Hoberman Mini Sphere Expanding Universe Glow Toy

Hoberman Mini Sphere Expanding Universe Glow Toy

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The Hoberman Expanding Mini Sphere Toy is fun and engaging. It expands and shines bright in the dark, making it an awesome night decorative item that your kids are sure to enjoy. The Hoberman sphere glow toy inspires children to be creative and inventive. They can think of it as a spike hat or a space helmet or just about anything else their imaginations can dream up. The expanding sphere toy can change in size from 5" to 12", spurring on plenty of giggles and fun when it pops back into place. Expanding the toy is as simple is pulling it out from the center. This product is made from a durable plastic material and is built to last. It is an ideal stress-relief toy for both young and old alike. You can throw, bounce, kick, spin, roll and suspend it for hours of fun. The unique texture and color patterns used on this product help it capture attention and make it more enjoyable for young children. This expanding sphere toy is fun to toss around at night.

  • Expand and contract 11.5 inches
  • Tools for teaching
  • Both educational and fun!

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