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Intelex Fully Microwavable, Lavender-Scented Hooty Friends - Fox

Intelex Fully Microwavable, Lavender-Scented Hooty Friends - Fox

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This fully microwavable, heatable plush is a plush with a purpose. Intelex only uses the finest quality treated wheat grains, fragranced with the very best dried French lavender. As this product is fully microwavable, to heat simply place the product in a microwave oven according to the directions on the product to release the wonderfully relaxing lavender aroma. Intelex prides itself on the fully microwavable aspect of their products. Ideal for use as a bed warmer to aid a restful night's sleep, or simply as an adorable soft toy. These versatile products can also be used as a cold pack, simply place in a sealed freezer bag and place in the freezer for several hours. Ideal for reducing temperatures, easing sprains and bruises and reducing swelling. Take care when removing from the microwave oven. Do not ingest contents. Do not overheat. Reheat from room temperature only. For microwave use only. Heated products should not be given to children under 3 years old.

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