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KAPLA Wooden Blocks - 100 Box Set

  • 4000

KAPLA is a wooden construction toy. The game is made up of a set of identical blocks made from pine. The unique size of the blocks, which are in the ratio of 1:3:15, makes them ideal for building many different creations. The KAPLA concept is simple. It needs no glue, no screws, no clips to fix the blocks. Each block is simply placed one on top of the other. The blocks are held in place by gravity and balance alone. KAPLA allows children to build, create and experiment by using their own imagination. With KAPLA blocks one can build alone or together with friends and family.... KAPLA is suitable for children of all ages, from age 3. Its basics are extremely simple, but with some experience the game can become very complex. Children learn every time they build and will advance their building techniques by playing. Everything is possible with KAPLA blocks!

  • 100 KAPLA blocks presented in a wooden box
  • 100 pieces in all natural wood
  • Laser-cut from hardwood, precisely cut unlike ordinary building blocks
  • Pieces adjoin perfectly for incredible stability, even successful in bearing weight
  • For ages 3 years and up

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