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Kids Preferred Baby Abuelita Pancho Musical Plush

Kids Preferred Baby Abuelita Pancho Musical Plush

  • 1998

Baby Abuelita's unique line of plush dolls sings very special nursery rhymes that will warm your heart, recapture the memories of your childhood and teach a new generation the joys of Hispanic musical heritage. Abuelito Pancho, wearing a yellow guayabera with blue trousers, sings... Los pollitos dicen Aserriacute;n, aserraacute;n, los maderos de San Juan Tengo una vaca lechera Campanitas. This 17" soft and cuddly plush doll come in it's own unique packaging designed to appear like a rocking chair.

  • Press hand to hear song
  • Kids will love snuggling the soft plush
  • Comes with lyrics in Spanish and English
  • Comes in packaging designed to look like a rocking chair
  • Top Toy of the Year Winner

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