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Leisure Learning Mighty Mind Puzzle Math Ages 4-8

Leisure Learning Mighty Mind Puzzle Math Ages 4-8

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Since 1979, Puzzle Math has enabled children to understand what numbers really are and how they can be combined and manipulated to form desired combinations. Most kids can recite numbers 1 - 10, but they have no idea as to what the numbers actually are. This unique first number game uses colorful puzzles to self-correct each child's calculations. A missed calculation is instantly shown because the puzzles will immediately reflect the mistake.

  • A child's essential first number game
  • Uses colorful puzzles to teach kids the meaning of what a number actually is
  • Kids learn to manipulate numbers to create desired sums

  • Kids learn number values, symbols, and spelling of numbers
  • For ages 4 - 8 years old - Can be played by 1 to 4 children

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