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Light STAX Hybrid Light and Sound Building Bricks Toy - Trumpeting Elephant

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Light Stax Hybrid is a combination of Light and Sound STAX, with regular bricks in attractive sets at an affordable price. Most suitable for ages 6-14. STAX System can be used to build light creations or to light up your existing brick collection. Each STAX line has its own power base with specific functions. STAX Hybrid has a motion activated 4x4 brick button cell base. The attached Sound and Light STAX are activated for about 5 seconds every time a creation including this Power STAX is moved. STAX Hybrid is the newest addition to the STAX Family. It combines Light STAX, Sound STAX, Connector STAX and regular bricks in play sets with a lot of value for money.

  • Hybrid STAX Trumpeting Elephant comes to life with sound and lights!
  • This set includes: 62 Regular Bricks, 1 STAX Battery Base, 1 Sound STAX, 2 Connect STAX and 2 Light STAX
  • When you move the STAX Elephant its eyes light up and it trumpets!
  • Compatible with other modular brick sets. Combine, and create!
  • For ages 6 years old and up

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