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Mini Squishable Kitty Holding a Burger

  • 1999

What toppings do you take on your burger? California style, with sliced avocado? Brunch-style by topping that burger with a sunnyside-up egg? Now....what if you also happened to be a cat? We've all thought about this particular question before, and there's no wrong answer! Maybe it's a tuna burger with a light shrimp pâté, and a nice side of chicken kibble. Or perhaps you spice up your burge with a lil’ catnip! No matter what you prefer, one thing's for sure, this Kitty with a Burger is blazing a new trail for culinary creativity!

  • 7 squishy inches of gimme all the toppings.
  • All new polyester fiber
  • ages 3 and up

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