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Plan Toys Little Tot's Discovery Pack

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Your little one will love discovering the world through the Plan Toys Little Tot's Discovery Pack. Each of these wood toys are not only cute and made with Plan Toys' excellent quality, but they stimulate your toddler's development and knowledge of the world around them. The Discovery Pack includes: My First Camera (#5633); get picture perfect views of your surroundings with this sturdy camera. Point, focus and click the camera and see the different images through the kaleidoscope lens. My First Phone (#5674); do lots of pretend play with this fun phone. A magnifier screen and a colorful beaded dial pad make a wonderful toy for interactive play and help to develop children's dexterity and cognitive skills. Leaf Magnifier (#4346); enables detailed exploration of the outside world. Plan Toys has gained global recognition for being an eco-friendly company with a long-term commitment to promoting healthy child development while protecting the environment.

  • This Discovery Pack contains 3 specially chosen Plan Toys to encourage toddler development
  • Set includes My First Camera, My First Phone and Leaf Magnifier
  • These developmental toys encourage a toddler's hand-eye coordination, dexterity and cognitive skills
  • Perfect gift set to encourage a toddler to discover their world!
  • Minimum ages range from 12-18 months

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