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Ravensburger 4 First Games - Set of 4 Board Games

Ravensburger 4 First Games - Set of 4 Board Games

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Contents: 2 playing boards (each printed on both sides), 20 colored blossoms, 24 picture cards, 6 playing pieces, 1 colored die. Games are designed to be played in about 15 minutes. Each of the four group-play games presents familiar and relatable themes for young children and features brightly-colored game boards and theme-oriented playing pieces and cards. Two of the four games have 2 varying skill levels for hours of play.

  • 4 fun board games in 1 box; 1-6 players; ages 3 years and up
  • Tasty Bones: Try to collect the most bones to feed the doggies, but you must first roll the number that gets you out of the dog bed
  • King of the Castle: Discover the creatures and animals living around the castle; sometimes they help you move forwards, but sometimes they may also move you back. Hurry to be the first one to reach the castle!
  • The Bird's Nest: By the roll of the die, get your bird to its nest by moving back and forth If you are lucky, you might even get there on your first try
  • Garden Party: Whoever grows the most beautiful blossoms in their flower bed first wins the game

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