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Ravensburger Game - Mystery Garden

Ravensburger Game - Mystery Garden

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The garden is beautiful, but it also holds a variety of mysteries. In Mystery Garden, it's a race to find what the Gardener has hidden. Kids will have a blast asking "yes or no"-style questions to discover the mystery object. Find the object to stop the Gardener from making his way to the castle. Teaches kids the value of deductive reasoning and learning how to ask the right questions. With very little actual competition, kids are able to play in a stress-free cooperative environment. Work together to ask the right questions and find the object hidden in stunning scenery and gorgeous magical creatures. The eye-catching game will have kids wanting to enter the garden to play again and again. Highlights: Figure out what the Gardener is hiding before he reaches the castle! For 2-6 players Contents: 48 Mystery cards, 1 Wooden gardener, 1 Wooden marker, 1 Game board and Instructions

  • Stop the Gardener from reaching the castle by guessing the hidden object!
  • Players try to figure out the hidden object by asking "yes" or "no" questions
  • Helps teach deductive reasoning and how to articulate questions
  • Game includes: 48 mystery cards, 1 wooden gardener, 1 wooden marker, 1 game board and instructions
  • For 2-6 players ages 4 and up; games take approximately 15 minutes

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