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Sentosphere Aquarellum - Pegasus and Unicorns

Sentosphere Aquarellum - Pegasus and Unicorns

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Stunning Results can be obtained with Aquarellum thanks to the special masking technique on vellum paper. The picture appears by magic with each stroke of the paintbrush, taking care to stay within the design area. The intensity of the colors is amazing and they can be blended together on the palette using the dropper or directly on the vellum paper. The artist enjoys total freedom to use inspiration and imagination in choosing the colors. An ideal artistic activity for every generation.

  • Includes 3 ready to paint magic canvases and 9 watercolor inks
  • Unique watercolor painting set with embossed picture cards
  • Each card is outlined in relief to keep colors from running
  • Even beginner artists can create beautifully detailed art!
  • Made in France - For children 8 years and older


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