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SentoSphere Patarev Styliste Clay Fashion Design Kit - Alix & Ines

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Create "textile" sheets that are so thin you can drape them directly onto the2 small dolls provided to create fun clothes! Young fashion designers willonly have to spread the clay, cut it out according to the stencils with thehelp of the sculpting knife, and then drape the shapes directly on the doll'sbody - no glue or sewing is needed. Just let your imagination wander and havefun dressing these little girls. If the result is not satisfying, you onlyneed to knead the clay again before it has time to dry, and start over.Contents: 2 small dolls, 4 pots of modeling clay, 1 rolling pin, 1 shapingknife, 6 stencils, and 1 set of instructions with 6 garment designs. For ages7 years old and up.

  • A revolutionary method to design and create fun doll clothes!
  • With a unique modeling clay formula, create "textile" sheets and use the stencils and sculpting knife provided to make doll clothes
  • Shape the clothes you make over the included two small doll - no glue or sewing required
  • Perfect kit to take first steps into the fashion industry or just to have fun
  • For ages 7 years old and up

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