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Tangle Set of 3 Assorted Tangle Jr. Fidget Toys - Fuzzy, Metallic and Textured (Colors Vary)

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Tangle, Jr's may look like regular toys but they are learning tools. Many children will focus better and absorb things more quickly if they have something to do with their hands. Tangles are a wonderful toy for children (and adults) to play with on trips in the car, on a plane or anytime. Tangle Jr. is a perfect way to relax. As it slips through your fingers and knots up in your hand, you can feel your body's tension release. You can play with Tangle wherever you are. Children (and adults) of all ages love to Tangle. It provides something to do during travel or quiet times. It stimulates your brain as it helps increase finger dexterity. The Tangle Jr's are brand new and come In a nifty triangular box! This set includes 3 Tangle Jr.'s - a Fuzzy, a Metallic and a Textured.

  • Variety pack - three assorted Tangles! You will receive one Tangle Jr. Fuzzy, one Tangle Jr. Metallic, and one Tangle Jr. Textured - COLORS VARY!
  • It's That Fun, Twisty Thing! Twist It! Turn It! You Can't Put it Down!
  • Warning: This toy can unleash extreme levels of creativity!
  • Recommended by therapists and teachers for children with ADHD, Aspergers, and Autism
  • For 3 years and older



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