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Squishable / Comfort Food Bacon - 15"

  • 3799

Taco Tuesday! What other food could possibly provides such a bright ray of sunshine on this, the most "meh" day of the week? Sometimes, a perfect taco is the only thing between ennui and "wheeee!" But why limit this cheezy savory crunchy festival to Tuesdays? What if you want that pick-me-up on Manicotti Monday or Trout Thursday? This Taco is big enough for cuddles seven days a week, no matter what's on the menu board! Bueno! 15 squishy inches of tender tortilla. All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up only!

  • 15 squishy inches of tender tortilla, taco toy, toy food, food and animal squishies,
  • All new polyester fiber, milk plush toy, food stuffed animal,
  • ages 3 and up only!, toys for 12, stuffed food animals, mini plush, squishables mini
  • High quality, funny, realistic and good snuggly friend!


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