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Squishable Comfort Food Toaster Tart - 17" Plush

Squishable Comfort Food Toaster Tart - 17" Plush

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Behold, the breakfast treat that has launched a thousand busy days! Like bottles of champagne cracking across the bows of newly-christened battleships, the Toaster Tart bursts forth upon the taste buds in a crucial morning time celebration before your brave voyage of adventures! Like going to school! Or the grocery store! Or the dentist! Well, not that last one! Like a metaphorical battleship, wave the delicious, sugary flag for which you fight! The flag of flaky pastry and jammy filling! The flag that stands for making it through your active schedule to taste another Toaster Tart bright and early tomorrow morning! Proudly display and/or cuddle this giant pink Toaster Tart in preparation for your hero's journey, whether it be to the ends of the earth or the end of the block! Ahoy!

  • This Plush Toaster Tart measures 17" x 13" x 5"
  • Soft and Smooth to Touch - Perfect for Cuddling
  • Surface washable using a damp cloth or sponge
  • For ages 3 years old and up

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