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Squishable Fuzzy Memories Cassette - 13" Plush

  • 3499

Cassettes: they're the medium that's never played out! Unless you mean that in the literal sense, in which case it is certainly possible to play a cassette out! It can melt on your car's dash! Or disgorge its stringy, magnetized innards right after bringing it home from the record store in the mall! Which definitely existed once! And yet! The cassette made up in personality what it lacked in reliability. These days, nobody sits by the radio with a memo recorder waiting for just the right song to woo a crush! No one draws totally metal lightning bolts and skulls on the paper insert of an MP3 for the one you adore! The medium may be obsolete, but love is always cutting edge!

  • Soft and smooth to the touch - perfect for cuddling
  • 13 squishy inches of rewind!
  • Surface washable only
  • For ages 3 years and older

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