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Squishable Fuzzy Memories Floppy Disk - 13" Plush

Squishable Fuzzy Memories Floppy Disk - 13" Plush

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hink back. Way way back. Think back to the first computer you ever used, green glass screen glowing in the dark, big boxy gray plastic...oh wait, that was the first computer I ever used. And next to that computer I remember a stack of floppy disks, each holding a single application or file. Or, depending on the size, maybe half a file.... What file was on those long-forgotten floppies? It could have been anything! The first ever cute captioned kitty picture? A heavily-pixelated proto-drawing program? A chain letter you had to print out and mail? Through the mail? Who knows! It’s a mystery! This fuzzy little disk can contain anything you want!! Oh little floppy disk, you may be retro and dated, but you're still a fuzzy friend to me.

  • Soft and smooth to the touch - perfect for cuddling
  • 13 squishy inches of ancient storage medium!
  • Surface washable only
  • For ages 3 years and older

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