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Squishable Mini Candy Dragon - 7" Plush

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The first three things that come to mind when I think about gold coins: 1) Shiny. 2) Valuable. 3) Unpleasant to sit on. It's odd to me that dragons use all that firepower to accumulate treasure to cushion their rear! I mean, have you ever seen a dragon spending those doubloons? Perhaps shopping for some new sneakers at the mall or buying flights to exotic locales? Not with those wings, they don't! This Dragon has a better idea: horde candy instead! Well, not so much "horde" as acquire a lot of and then eat it! Because unlike gold, candy is edible by man and mythical beast alike! So when you're getting comfy with your Candy Dragon, bring on the blankets and throws. She knows that gold isn't for sitting on, it's for using to buy more candy!

  • Soft and smooth to the touch - perfect for cuddling
  • 7 squishy inches of cute dragon
  • Surface washable
  • Made with all new polyester fiber
  • For ages 3 years old and up

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