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Squishable Mini Hedgehog - 7"

  • 1999

Hedgehogs make great pets for shy people. It's true! Hey you, hiding behind that tree - hanging out with a hedgehog will give you the confidence to downgrade to small shrubs, or maybe even a dandelion! No one's gonna mess with you when you've got this kind of prickly protection. Be aware! This nocturnal beast has a soft n' fluffy front, protected by a more hardcore-fuzzy textured back. Without his bristles, a hedgehog would just be a rather fat hamster! 7 squishy inches of nocturnal bristly mammal, polyester fiber, ages 3 and up.

  • An adorable stuffed animal in sphere form ready for hugs!
  • Unbelievably soft, freakishly cuddly and cuter than a basket of puppies
  • Measures approximately 7" high by 7" wide
  • For ages 3 years and older

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