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Tomy The Good Dinosaur World of Dinosaurs Tube - 25 Small Dinos

  • 1299

Collect 25 dinosaurs from The Good Dinosaur in one go! 14 unique characters included! With this value pack, you can recreate any scene from the movie at home.
  • 25 plastic dinosaurs from Disney Pixar's The Good Dinosaurs
  • Come in a 6" tall transparent tube
  • Arlo and Poppa the Apotosaurus; Forrest Woodbush the Styracosaurus; Bubbha and Lurleane the Raptor Rustlers; Downpour and Thunderclap the Pterodactyls; Ramsey, Butch and Nash the T-Rexes; Mary Alice the Stegosaurus; Will the Triceratops; Jack the Ankylosaurus; and a Bisodon included
  • Dinos measure 1.5" to 2"
  • For ages 3 years old and up



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