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Unitech Fun-Fly-Stick, Magic Levitation Wand, 10 flying toys - Black Wand

  • 1999

All the would-be wizards out there can enjoy a magic wand that's simply mesmerizing. Using 2 AA batteries (not included), the wand emits a static charge that allows the wielder to levitate any of the included tinsel toys included with the pack, with just the press of a button. Once aloft, the shapes can be directed in any direction, giving users a tangible lesson in the power of static electricity and the power of repulsion of like charges.

  • Defy gravity! Real levitation!
  • Hand-held Van de Graaf generator (requires 2 "AA" batteries - not included)
  • Ten tinsel flyers
  • Full color instructional booklet
  • For ages 5 years and older

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