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V-Cube 3 Kandinsky (flat)

  • 1495

Discover the bold world of Wassily Wassilyevich Kandinsky's art. Known for being one of the first abstract artists, Kandinsky's combination of colors and concepts will leave you breathless. This petite gallery is just a 2.24" cube but contains some of Kandisky's most memorable pieces, as well as almost 43 quintillion permutations! The perfect puzzle for art lovers or just collectors, the Kandisky V-CUBE 3 is a unique cube that expresses the painter's inner experience.

  • The Kandinsky V-CUBE 3 is a 3x3x3 art lovers cube puzzle from V-CUBE
  • Smooth rotation and solid-cross support means durable puzzle fun
  • Revolutionary design and sturdy internal support create a smooth solving experience
  • Classic flat design, measures 2.24"x2.24"x2.24"
  • Made in Greece


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