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Yomega Deluxe Gift Set - Includes Ooch, Maverick and Raider Yoyos Plus Yomega

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Deluxe 3-Piece Yo-Yo Gift Pack. This 3 piece gift pack includes Yomega's world famous Maverick, Ooch-Yo and Raider Yo-Yo's! Also included is lube, holster, and extra string. The Yomega Maverick is a high grade, all aluminum, laser etched yo-yo designed for advanced play. This yo-yo combines C-size bearing with silicon response stickers, a weighted perimeter for long spins, and a wide gap profile for advanced string play! The Yomega Ooch-Yo is designed by Yomega's Pro, Brett Outchcunis - a.k.a Ooch! Made for the Yomega Pro Level, this yo-yo features weighted rims and a C-size 10 Ball Open shield bearing. This is an unresponsive yoyo that requires a binding technique in order to return the yoyo to the hand. Great choice for advanced string trick maneuvers. The Yomega Raider is one of the premier yo-yos in the advanced players' world. With a precise bearing system, the Raider is engineered to provide the ultimate balance in response, speed, and spin time! Among world and national Champions, the Raider is used for extreme looping play and is the recommended choice for any progressing player.
This Gift Set includes 3 Yo-Yo's: The Raider, Maverick and the Ooch-Yo. The Raider is the premier Yo-Yo in the advanced player's world, local and national Champions, Raider is used for extreme play. Made with a precision ball bearing system that allows for record spins and responsive play. The Maverick is made from anodized aircraft aluminum, has a winged shape design, weighted perimeter, stainless steel ball-bearing and a smooth rubber return system. The Ooch-Yo is a wing shaped model designed for advanced string play. Also contains a low friction ball-bearing with wider gap setting that delivers ultra smooth and ultra fast spins. Set also includes extra string, and an Ooch holster.

  • YOMEGA OOCH YOYO – Limited Edition – Made for the Yomega Pro, this yoyo features weighted rims and a C size roller bearing for non responsive play. Requires a binding technique to return the yoyo to the player’s hand. Excellent for advanced string tricks.
  • YOMEGA MAVERICK YOYO – An aluminum metal responsive ball bearing Yo-Yo, features a wing shaped body design, a weighted perimeter, and a standardized C size ball bearing with internal silicone response pads
  • YOMEGA RAIDER YOYO – The Yomega Raider is the choice of champions for advanced players throughout the world. With a precision roller bearing system, the Raider provides the perfect balance in response, speed, and spin time. It is no wonder that it is the personal choice for so many advanced players in world and national yoyo competitions.
  • PLUSE MORE - Also includes the Yomega Holster, extra string and Lube!

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