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YoYoFactory Replay Yo-Yo - Red

  • 1499

The Replay is the first of its kind – a signature YoYoFactory model that anyone can use! The Replay combines the body of the competition winning Replay PRO with the inner workings of our best beginner models to make a beautifully designed yo-yo that anyone can pick up as their first yo-yo. With the Replay, we get to reach a broader audience with a modern yo-yo designed for beginners while also introducing more people to Gentry Stein, the modern yo-yo player. We find that many new yo-yo players want to learn unresponsive yo-yoing, but need a responsive yo-yo to learn the basics.

  • Replay Responsive Yo Yo Red
  • Responsive Type For Beginners - Easy return to hand
  • Used by Gentry Stein
  • Includes extra string
  • Ages 8 years and up

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