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GloPlay Glow in The Dark Wall Sticker, Sea Animal Series (48pcs/Pack)

  • 1999

It can be applied to any surface whether it’s flat, bumpy, paper, cloth or wood etc. However, depending on the material, the wallpaper or paint may be affected when peeling off the sticker, so we recommend performing a sticking test on a small adhesive surface. When you remove the stickers from their surface, gently peel them to avoid any lasting effects.

  • Powerful light, 70 times brighter than other in the market 20 minutes after getting dark.
  • Light persistence with a lifetime guarantee to continue shining brightly without battery.It keeps shining more than 5 hours, so it gives peace of mind even if the child wakes up at midnight.
  • *Full charge after 10mins of light exposure (with sunlight) / 30mins with room lights only.
  • Stick it and peel off anywhere anytime without adhesive to attach and Durable, water-resistant. It can be easily removed by children so move them around and challenge their creativity.
  • Whale x 1 Dolphin x 1 Swordfish x 1 Manta Ray x 1 Sea Turtle (Large) x 1 Sea Turtle (Small) x 2 Seaweed x 2 Star Fish x 3 Shellfish x 9 Fish x 5 Bubble x 22

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