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Squishable Android Symbol Plush, Green, Mini 7"

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It is the nature of technology to become smaller and smaller over time. Today's microprocessor was yesterday's transistors, and yesteryear's vacuum tube. If you understood that sentence then this Mini Android is for you! This pint-sized, ahem, next generation version of his older Squishable Android cousin is small enough to share a pocket with your cellphone. Even iPhone owners have to admit that the Android operating system has an awesome mascot. We're using the 'Android' character under the terms of the Creative Commons License: that means our version isn't associated with Google Inc., but we here at Squishable love Android so much we felt compelled to make a Squishy tribute! Incidentally, you might have seen one of these on stage at the 2010 Google I/O Conference! Thanks for making great stuff, Google, and keep up the good work!

  • Stuffed plush inspired by Android, the Google cellphone operating system, that is sphere-shaped and ready for hugs.
  • Plush is unbelievably soft, thanks to polyester fiber material that is perfect for hugs and snuggles.
  • Brilliant green color and mini size combine for a freakishly cuddly plush toy. A must have for Android fans.
  • Surface washable only
  • For ages 3 years old and up

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