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Squishable Comfort Food Watermelon - 16" Plush

Squishable Comfort Food Watermelon - 16" Plush

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Feeling hungry? How about thirsty? What about bored? If you answered yes to any of these three predicaments, allow me to suggest a slice of Watermelon! It feeds you! It dampens you! It's...a very interesting fruit! That cold, crunchy, candy pulpiness, that fluorescent green rind! You can eat it! You can drink it! You can...throw it? Dance with it? Offer it to that cute guy or girl next to you? Whatever is going to reduce your boredom quickest!

  • Super smooth to the touch
  • Plush Watermelon is part of the Comfort Food series from Squishable!
  • 16 squishy inches of aqueous melon
  • Surface washable only
  • For 3 years and older

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