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Squishable / Mini Comfort Food Eggplant - 7"

  • 1999

An eggplant sure doesn’t look like an egg, but did you know it’s not a vegetable either? In fact, it’s a fruit - a botanical berry! Aha, that explains its purple berry hue! Did you know that eggplants are soft and snuggable too? Indeed! This Mini Eggplant is, in fact, the cuddliest of them all! How to tell if it’s ripe and ready for cuddles? Give it a squeeze! The squishier the better!

  • Mini 7" Eggplant is part of the Squishable Comfort Food Collection
  • 7 squishy inches of berry incognito!
  • Soft and smooth to the touch - perfect for cuddling, to use as a pillow or to sit on your couch
  • Surface washable
  • For ages 3 years old and up


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