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Squishable Undercover Corgi in Astronaut (7")

  • 2999

Ah, great explorer!! Who is this space-faring adventurer that's landed? Only the bravest (and most adorable) Astronaut on this green, spinning space rock! The Undercover Corgi in Astronaut is suited up for any obstacle that the airless expanse of space presents, and also comes equipped with the latest cuddle technology! Tell us, sweet space corgi, what did you see whilst in the void? Meteors? Comets? Unspeakable cosmic entities? Or (probably) all of the above! In any case, this cosmonaut is ready for their next mission: Extremely Important Cuddles.

  • 100% polyester, all new materials
  • Mix 'n' match
  • Measures 7.5" tall

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