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Baby Jack Blankets The Learning Lovey City Baby Crinkle & Teething Tag Square Tummy Time Stroller Toy 8x8 inch (Seattle)

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A Seattle crinkle baby sensory square for little ones to enjoy. Community is so important, this is a fun way to explore the city of Seattle Washington. Identify the landmarks like the Space Needle, the buildings and everything you see as you travel with baby. So many sounds, textures and colors to play with. Babies love our Tabs and Moms love that it provides comfort and play. Allows entertainment and stimulation along with security to learn about this amazing city. Ribbon Tabs are sewn shut - double stitched - to prevent tiny fingers from getting intertwined in loops. We attach a toy link to hook to stroller/carrier. Many babies gravitate towards it and use as a teether.

  • 8x8 Crinkle tag toy. City buildings from Seattle Washington designed from shapes, letters and numbers.
  • For learning & development. Teaches all five senses to baby: touch, sound, sight, smell and taste. A fun stroller or tummy time toy.
  • Ribbons are sewn CLOSED, unlike any other brand. Double stitched for security. Prevents fingers, toes and babies with tongue ties from getting stuck in loops. They provide comfort, play, help with self soothing and separation anxiety. security. A great therapy toy for kids with special needs and Autistic children.
  • Prints designed by two kids, building pictures. Taking their crayon drawings and transforming them into a look & find toy that shows special places around the city.
  • A great baby shower gift. New baby Gift. Baby's first and favorite playtime toy. Great to travel with, clip to stroller, baby carrier or diaper bag.

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